Q. When do I get my shed plan after I purchase it?

A. You will receive the plan right away. All plans come in PDF format, and you will receive an email with a download link where you can save the plan on your device. That's it!


Q. Is there a free sample plan I can look at?

A. Yes!  The Free Small Shed plan is a real shed blueprint you can download, follow and build.  It is in the same format as all our plans, with 2D and 3D images, as well as a material list and construction tips.

Q. Can you design a custom shed plan?

A.  We can make custom shed designs and sizes, whether based on currently provided plans for something else.  Depending on the size and time involved in creating this custom plan, pricing can range from $100 to $600.  If this is something you are interest in pursuing, send us an email with your ideas.

Q. Is it possible to enlarge / decrease the size of a plan?

A. Yes it is, but there are large variances in difficulty depending on which plan it is and what you want to do.  If it's making a gable shed longer, it's just a matter of adding more joists, wall studs, plates and rafters.  However, if you want to change the width and depth or a shed, the rafters would need to change in size, which would take considerable more work if you're not familiar with rafter framing.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We believe you'll find your plan easy to understand and straight forward, but if you're still not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you'll be able to get your money back for up to 60 days!


Q. Is a concrete pad foundation necessary for my shed? 

A. In the case of most yards, a dedicated platform for your shed is not necessary.  We do recommend that the shed's joist be kept off the ground in order to slow down the deterioration of the lumber, as well as making it easier to keep the shed level.  This can be achieved with a bed of gravel of at least 4" in depth, using several horizontally layered 4x4s, using cinder blocks or digging and installing ground posts.


Q. Your blueprints do not display how to nail, screw and bolt the lumber together.  Do you have a resource to show me how?

A.  At the beginning of each plan, it links to the "How to Attach Rough Framing Together with Screws and Nails" article.  The article goes over how to attach everything that you'll encounter when building your playhouse.  We don't picture the screws and bolts in every step and illustration because this will, one, clutter up the images and make them more confusing and, two, because the principles revealed in the previously mentioned article apply to all the framing that will be done in each step.


Q. Do you offer physical copies of the blueprints?

A. Yes, all plans have an option to receive a physical print out of the plan.  They are printed and shipped out in black and white on high quality paper.  They are contained in a 3 ring binder, which allows individual pages to be removed if desired.  You will also be emailed a link to download a digital copy.


Q. What type of lumber should I use?

A.  For the most part, regular lumber can be used to construct the walls and rafters of your shed.  We do recommend using pressure treated for the 1st level joists, as well as framing that is exposed to the elements, such as railings and posts.


Q. Do you offer metric plans?

A.  As of now, all our shed blueprints are in feet and inches.  There are imperial converters that can change feet and inches to centimeters, such as csgnetwork.com.