Turn Your Ideal Shed Into Reality

Do you have an idea for the perfect backyard she shed or garden storage and upper level children's playspace structure that can't be found on-line or in a book?  Perhaps you just want a modification to an existing plan found on this website?  No matter what you may be looking for, Paul's Sheds can help provide a individual, custom shed plan that you can follow and build yourself.

Like our playhouse sister site, creating DIY building plans is our passion, and providing the tools necessary for families to grab a hammer and saw to build one of their own is what drives us.  We'll work with you, your design and your requirements and stipulations to help make your project became a reality.


Getting the Ball Rolling

If you are thinking about ordering a custom shed plan, make sure you have a solid idea of what you are looking for.  If it's an idea based on something you've seen on-line, be sure to provide a picture or two.  Once we understand what you're after, we'll make up a computer model and provide you with several photos, communicating back and forth until it's just the way you would like it.

After the final design has been agreed to, we'll get to work on writing a step by step plan to build the shed.  These custom plans will be in the same format as all the other plans we offer.  To get an idea of what they look like, check out this free plan. For most designs, expect the conception and writing process to take about 2 weeks.


If you are looking for a modification of one our available plans, costs can range between $200-$300.  If you want to have a completely new and custom design made up for you, costs can range between $400-$800.  If the idea you have is more involved, the costs could be higher.  After you present us with what you want, we will give you a quote.

Typically, we require half the cost up front, and half after the design has been finalized.  If you want to also have the 3D model that the plan will be based on, we ask that the full cost of the plan be paid first.  Sometimes we will offer the custom plan for sale on our website.  If you would like the exclusive rights to the design, an additional fee may be required.

If you wish to get the ball rolling for your custom shed plan, fill out the contact form with your name, number and description of what you want, or e-mail Paul@paulsshed.com if you would like to send attachments.  We'd love to hear from you and see how we make your shed idea come alive!