Ever since I was little, I loved to build things with my hands.  Lincoln logs, tinker toys and Legos were my preferred medium, and the hours that I sank into constructing a bizarre castle or sprawling space station are almost unfathomable.

Having been in the carpentry trade for over a decade now, I've built hundreds of children's tree houses and other outdoor structures.  I've since taken these practical skills and used them to make my sister website, Paulsplayhouses.com, which provides over 100 different children's playhouse plans I designed, allowing home owners and small business people the opportunity to make something cool for their kids.

The purpose of PaulsSheds.com is to give everyday people a clear, easy to understand guide in building something millions of people need, a place to store something.  With plans featuring 2D and 3D CAD images of sheds, as well as material lists, email support and hints and tips, you're guaranteed to find something you'll like, as well as save money when you choose to roll up the sleeves and do-it-youself!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to email me if you have any questions.  If you would like to see a free sample of what our plans look like, download the Free Small Shed plan.